Exchange Rate Office

Exchange Rate Office is a application designed exclusively for money exchange offices with different currency rates.

The web based application is designed to be able to handle more than 3 clients per minute with the use of keyboard only, although one can use the mouse if desired. Transparent and very simple to use interface together with the latest technology in security make fi-65f_with_lidepson_tm-m30_blackthis the ideal application for use in any exchange booth. Because EROffice is web based, it can be run from any laptop, tablet, mobile or pc as long as there is a internet connection, which means it is ideally suited in situations with frequent power outages. Accompanied by a intelligent Epson TM-m30  ticket printer and a Fujitsu FI-65f document scanner which both take up very little space the system complies to all required government rules.

Why EROffice? Simplicity and speed are among the main features why our clients choose EROffice.